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Sun, 21 Mar 2004 17:20:21

Warning; This will disgust you.

Abuse case worst ever seen by police

Notes that a teenage girl passed to a friend have led to multiple child abuse charges against the teen’s mother and stepfather in a case a veteran detective calls the worst he’s ever seen.

The 17-year-old Necedah girl, her teeth broken and with scars on her face, told of being beaten in the mouth with a hammer, shocked with an electric dog collar, forced to stand outside barefoot in the snow, choked until she passed out and forbidden to associate with people outside the immediate family, a criminal complaint says.

When company came to the home, she was hustled to the basement to prevent the visitors from seeing her facial scars, the complaint said.

“In my 22 years as an investigator, I haven’t seen anything like this,” said sheriff’s Detective Mark Strompolis.

Holy shit.

Sometimes I think that gross abuse should be considereed a capital crime.  Prison is too good for these people.  Hell, so is death.  Years of abuse and torture are what they deserve.  Eye for an eye.

If there was a job where you had to do horrible and distasteful things to criminals of a certain ilk...I would try to get that job.  It would scar me, and if there’s an afterlife, it would probably doom me, but I would do the job, and never complain.  I would volunteer to spend the rest of my life torturing these people.  *DESIGNING* ways to torture them.  Going so far that I myself had surpassed them in cruelty and lack of humanity.

There is no low to which I would not stoop if given the chance to exact justice on these “parents.”

Posted by JimK at 05:20 PM on March 21, 2004
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#1  Posted by Ian Canada on 03/21 at 08:41 PM -

If it’s any comfort to you, those parents will be sodomized daily in prison.  In the prison hierarchy, child abusers and molesters are considered worse than murderers.

#2  Posted by Rann United States on 03/22 at 12:14 AM -

Dude, how the hell did some teacher not notice when she kept coming to school with new facial scars and more broken teeth? I know my own teachers sometimes made whiny comments about “Well, you never know, it could be something entirely innocent, and then I’d feel bad if I’d told someone they were being abused when they weren’t!” when I was in high school, but god DAMN…

#3  Posted by Sean is a fucking moron Canada on 03/22 at 03:04 AM -

Rann: I really doubt this girl was going to school.

#4  Posted by Rann United States on 03/22 at 10:28 AM -

It said she passed notes to a friend… I assumed that meant notes passed in class, or something. If she was passing notes to her out of the cellar window or something, one would think her friend wouldn’t actually need the note to know about or tell people of the abuse going on.

#5  Posted by Mike T. United States on 03/22 at 07:03 PM -

Stuff like this pisses me off so much...I almost take it personally.  What could possibly go through these peoples minds when they do shit like this. I know everyone is entitled to the same treatment under the law, but these people are not even can their civil rights be as important as ours.  People who commit violent crimes against others should be held to a different standard and locked in a box.

#6  Posted by Sean Galbraith United States on 03/22 at 08:19 PM -

I think old school French prison should be punishment for these “parents” (term used very loosely). For a good description of what they were (I don’t know if they have changed since) like, read Catch Me If You Can (the movie made it look like heaven compared to what it was actually like).

#7  Posted by JimK United States on 03/22 at 08:44 PM -

Nice.  Sounds like the right place for them, Sean.

#8  Posted by Sean Galbraith United States on 03/22 at 10:33 PM -

The US should buy some island in the middle of the Pacific and build the prison out there.

#9  Posted by sandy United States on 03/24 at 09:03 AM -

There are alot of children who fall througth the cracks like this.  No one wants to get involved.  Sometimes when child services do come they turn around and give the kids right back to these wretched parents.  The system needs to get tougher..this isn’t a game..if you hurt a child bad once parents shouldn’t get a “Do Over” and another shot at this kind of behavior.  I can’t believe this little girl endured so much pain and metally she’s screwed forever.  These parents should be charged with murder because they killed the innocent child inside of her.

#10  Posted by JonB United States on 03/24 at 11:41 PM -

I don’t know that prison is right for these animals.  Nor a slow death.\r
What they need is psychiatric “treatment”.  **** them real good by planting deep paranoia into their minds.  Mess with their heads so bad that they live the rest of their lives in a padded room.  See to it that the movie style sanitarium becomes true as people enter the building and wonder what that aweful shrieking from the basement is....\r
Physical torture and death are for terrorists.  This type of animal deserves derangement that will lock them up in their own minds with unimaginable horrors for the rest of their pathetic lives.  I’d be happy to pay my taxes knowing that was the case.\r

#11  Posted by Mia United States on 03/25 at 05:17 AM -

This girl had not been to school in three years (around the time the school district filed a complaint with human services).  Human services investigated and found “nothing wrong.” The school district also tried truancy, but the parents then claimed they were “home schooling her.” The note was passed to a friend at the end of her driveway.  Having spent 16 years of my life in this town, it really hits home.  I personally agree with them being charged with murder for killing the child inside.  Multiple dentists have all ready come forward offering to replace and repair her teeth.  Hopefully with the outpouring of help for this girl, she may go on to become a productive part of society.  We can only pray.

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