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Wed, 07 Nov 2007 14:09:00

Tim Kring apologizes to Heroes fans

When have you ever heard of a show creator doing this?

THE PACE IS TOO SLOW ‘’We assumed the audience wanted season 1 — a buildup of intrigue about these characters and the discovery of their powers. We taught [them] to expect a certain kind of storytelling. They wanted adrenaline. We made a mistake.’’

THE WORLD-SAVING STAKES SHOULD HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED SOONER The premonition of nuclear apocalypse created a larger context that unified every story line last season. Kring now sees that Volume 2 (the first 11 episodes of season 2) would have been better served if Peter’s vision of viral Armageddon had appeared in the season premiere rather than episode 7. ‘’We took too long to get to the big-picture story,’’ he says.

THE ROOKIES DIDN’T GREET THEMSELVES PROPERLY New Heroes Monica (Dana Davis), Maya (Dania Ramirez), and Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) ‘’shouldn’t have been introduced in separate story lines that felt unattached to the show. The way we introduced Elle (Kristen Bell) — by weaving her in via Peter’s story line — is a more logical way to bring new characters into the show.’’ (That said, Kring says a few newbies won’t make it beyond this second volume, which wraps Dec. 3.)

HIRO WAS IN JAPAN WAY TOO LONG Hiro’s (Masi Oka) time-bending adventure in 17th-century Japan — where he mentored samurai hero Takezo Kensei (David Anders) — finally came to an end on Nov. 5. But Kring says it ‘’should have [lasted] three episodes. We didn’t give the audience enough story to justify the time we allotted it.’’

YOUNG LOVE STINKS Kring regrets sticking Claire (Hayden Panettiere) with a super-dud boyfriend and forcing Hiro to moon over a cutesy princess. ‘’I’ve seen more convincing romances on TV,’’ he admits. ‘’In retrospect, I don’t think romance is a natural fit for us.’’

I think I agree with everything but Hiro being in Japan too long.  And I half agree with that.  There wasn’t enough story to justify the time spent, but the answer in that case wouldn’t have been to cut it short, it would have been to write more stuff.  We love Hiro, we like Kensei, who doesn’t like looking at Yaeko?  The costumes were good, it looked great...just put more story in it.  And cut the Smallville crap.

So, it seems that he gave a little something away here.  Peter’s vision of the virus apocalypse is the real tragedy from which the world must be saved.  “Save the cheerleader, save the world” actually applies to the virus/2008 story, not the bomb - although Claire’s ability was needed to deal with the bomb as well.  The bomb would have been bad (especially for NYC), sure, but 93% of the world’s population wiped out is so much worse.

I’m glad Tim sees the flaws in this season.  Makes me respect his skill a bit more and gives me hope for the rest of whatever aborted season we get.

Posted by JimK at 02:09 PM on November 07, 2007
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mgnmfrc1#1  Posted by mgnmfrc1 United States on 11/07 at 04:10 PM -

G4 interviewed Tim Kring last Saturday and he said they were moving too slow. G4 reruns the week new episode and has a live interactive show afterwards.


They just started last week so we’ll see how it goes.

#2  Posted by Buzzion United States on 11/07 at 07:33 PM -

Impressive for him to say this, and his statements have led me to a new theory I’m going to be putting in the previous post.

#3  Posted by Vic United States on 11/07 at 09:38 PM -

This is a backhanded apology pretty much. It ties into the whole idea among most writers and producers right now that audiences are too ADD-addled and stupid to concentrate on a serialized storyline, yet shows like Buffy and Angel did this for years before 24 and Lost made the serialized story the it thing.

For the most part viewers want resolution to stories, and the problem with a lot of shows like Lost, Alias, X-Files and even Heroes is that because the writers have a general idea of where they want to go, they hardly resolve anything or take too long to get anywhere.

This was my big problem in the end with X-Files and Alias, where the big payoff never actually existed, there was never an answer for the Rambaldi mystery or the colonization/conspiracy in X-Files. My hope now is that now that Lost has an expiration date that they actually plnned a resolution that we’ll see someday even if in comic book form.

Joe R.#4  Posted by Joe R. China on 11/08 at 01:24 AM -

Nah, he’s right, that Japan stuff lasted waaaaaaaay too long.

#5  Posted by RobSmalls United States on 11/08 at 04:37 PM -

I have more complaints about the Season 1 finale than I do with the current progression of Season 2.  But it’s good that they take criticism to heart.

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