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Fri, 03 Mar 2006 22:47:00

One of these things is not like the other

I defy anyone, left right or center, to read this and then ever again compare the US military to Saddam’s sadistic regime.

Some rooms in the museum don’t have pictures at all. Instead they show the instruments and the methods of torture. In one room, the so-called “Washington Room,” men and women had hot electric irons pressed into their skin.



Not torture:


Let’s stop pretending Saddam’s Iraq was a kite-flying paradise already shall we?  From the comments at Michael J. Totten’s site:

Two years ago, I produced the documentary film VOICES OF IRAQ, where we sent 150 DV cameras across Iraq and allowed Iraqis to film their own lives. The cameras got into the prison you visted and others. I viewed several hours of video and testimony detailing the horrors of Saddam’s torture. One woman recalled tearfully how her newborn baby was fed to dogs infront of her eyes. Another video shows floors stained with blood and fat that liquified off torture victoms and poured onto the tiles below them.

Americans, and especially a certain political group of Americans, completely ignored that film.  What a shame...and how shameful.  Shameful to disrespect those who suffered by dismissing them as political fodder.  Shameful to line the pockets of a man like Michael Moore while ignoring the voices of those who were there and suffered losses unimaginable to the average American.

I don’t care why we went into Iraq.  I stopped caring about why the first time I heard about stories like these.  I don’t understand anyone who doesn’t feel the same way.

Posted by JimK at 10:47 PM on March 03, 2006
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Rann Aridorn#1  Posted by Rann Aridorn United States on 03/04 at 12:51 AM -

Every time I see something relating to this, I think of one dumb shit, the kind of leftard that spells the name of our country “Amerika”, that said what was done to the Abu Gharib troops was far worse than what was done to Nick Berg, because “his death was quick and painless, but what was done to them will scar them their entire lives”.
... Yes, they actually said that. No, I’m not changing it to make them sound dumber… if anything, I prettied it up a bit.
I really think that most of them think things like that, they’re just too scared of real, solid reprisal, rather than government boogeyman reprisal, to say it.

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