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Fri, 30 Sep 2005 13:49:33

More about the cat I want someone to adopt today!  Right now!  Take her home!

I stopped at the vet this morning and got some more pictures and more info about the cat.  First up: Cuteness!  Sorry for the quality...cell phone camera.




The bald patch on her back was because her fur was matted pretty badly.  They tried to comb and trim out just the mats, but it was no they buzzed her!  Poor thing.  The strange light band around her neck?

Oh that pissed me off.  They weren’t going to tell me at first because the woman holding her in these photos knows me now, and she knows this is just not cool with me.

The cat’s name is Tagitha.  So named because her former owners got her as a baby kitten at a tag sale, ten years ago.  And raised her.  how she turned out so sweet with these jerks in beyond me...but anyway back to the neck thing.  They had a collar on her for years.  The same one.  She grew.  The collar stayed.  She grew and gained weight.  THEY NEVER LOOSENED THE COLLAR.  It had to be cut off it was on so tight.  Her fur grew around the damned collar.

Grr.  Some people should not be allowed to have pets.

Anyway...if you are within driving distance of New Haven, CT and would like to give this beautiful cat a me, I’ll get you in touch with the right people.  She’s as sweet as can be, totally calm, loving and very very friendly.  I found out she likes to snuggle necks.  :)

Posted by JimK at 01:49 PM on September 30, 2005
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#1  Posted by gcanter United States on 09/30 at 05:20 PM -

I don’t know why, but I thought you lived down south somewhere…

Nice cat, wish I could take it…

#2  Posted by wallywest80 United States on 09/30 at 08:01 PM -

I don’t understand how people can treat animals like this, i have 4 dogs and i love those guys so much i could never hurt them or see them hurt.

and one dog is a cripple, bambi is her name and she was run over and her back legs are froze now, she can move them, but the vet said she is in no pain so i have not put her to sleep, i carry her around, bring things to her, her big brother barney watches over her, and she’s so sweet and full of life even if she can’t get around.

#3  Posted by Jewels United States on 09/30 at 08:25 PM -

Dang. I would take her in a heartbeat! If you’re planning a trip to the DC/ MD/ VA area any time soon, let me know.

#4  Posted by RonM United States on 09/30 at 09:03 PM -

JimK. I really enjoy your podcast, moorewatch, and this blog. I have posted, as you asked, a link to your article about the cat. I can’t believe that owner is so heartless...anyways. If you ever feel like checkin’ my blog out here it is: The Young Conservatives


Ryley R. Hayes#5  Posted by Ryley R. Hayes United States on 10/01 at 07:23 PM -

Wish I could keep a pet on campus. I’d take her in a heartbeat.

#6  Posted by Nanashi United States on 10/09 at 02:43 PM -

And I just thought of this: you know that when she fails to make an insane amount of money off showing/breeding the poodles and/or becomes bored of them, you’ll be seeing those same poodles at the vet to be euthanised.  I feel just as sorry for them, since they’re going to be getting the same treatment as this poor cat has.

I’d put her name on a warning list and send it out to vets and animal shelters and bar her from being sold any kind of animal.  But I know it’s probably not possible.

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