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Sat, 07 Jul 2007 14:16:00

Lazy Saturday

Chillin, relaxin’, ain’t thinkin’ ‘bout no junk
Eatin’ my corn muffin, drinkin’ coffee from The Dunk
Every thing in the news makes me oh so suspicious,
But corn muffin and coffee equals crazy delicious!

Don’t ask me, I just transmit the stuff my brain tells me to write.  It’s not like I’m in charge over here.

So, the whole exercising/weight loss thing.  It’s going well, save for the actual loss of you know...weight.  I know, a corn muffin from Dunkin Donuts isn’t exactly diet food, but I really have cut out a huge amount of fattening and sugary crap.  I’ve had more fruit & vegetables this week than I have in the last year.  I’ve had my last hurrah with cookies last week - from now on I’m not even going to buy them and “ration” them out.  Just cut them altogether.  I replaced ice cream with sorbet a few months ago, now I’m replacing sorbet with fresh and frozen fruit.  I really am, this corn muffin aside, trying to change my entire way of looking at buying food.

Oh, the coffee.  Yes, cream and sugar.  I calculated it.  It’s about 140 to 180 calories per giant serving that I drink.  I drink a max of one per day, and some days none at all.  The coffee stays.  Period.  I don’t care if Jesus himself comes down to tell me that it has to go.  You, Jesus and anyone else that tries to take my coffee from me can just try, you bastards.  I’ll cut you, I swear.

Anyway, today’s main meal will be (ultra-lean) pork kabobs, heavy on the veg and light on the pork, marinated in a herb/garlic marinade that is crazy low-fat.  Last night was a very small and lean NY Strip and grilled asparagus.  That grilled asparagus was just incredible.  A light coating of garlic-infused canola oil (like a tablespoon for the whole bundle, most of which ended up burning off in the grill) and salt.  That was it.  I could have skipped the steak it was so good.

This leads me to a question - Why am I always hungry now?  Not “yeah, I could eat” but really actually hungry?  I haven’t been *actually* hungry in a long, long time.  Now I wake up every day with a slight hungry feeling, and mere hours after I eat, I am hungry again.  Is it removing a lot of fat and starch and meat that’s doing it?  Are people who eat healthy (or healthier, anyway) always hungry?  Or am I just a frigging pig?

Posted by JimK at 02:16 PM on July 07, 2007
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#1  Posted by Astronomizer United States on 07/07 at 06:48 PM -

I can’t speak for you---but I think I’m just a friggin’ pig. :) At 6’2” and 270 I could stand to lose an easy 50 lbs.  For my frame I think 230 would be about right.  Doesn’t help I have a sit down job (pilot) and can sit for hours gaming or surfing.

My fiance just got her first shipment from Nutrisystem.  No wonder people lose weight on it--the serving sizes are so pathetically small they’d starve a pygmy.  (Lord, I’m sorry---please bless all the starving pygmies in........) :)

My problem is that I love food, love to cook, and have a bit of a sweet tooth at times.  To top it off I smoke too.  Last time I quit I went from 230 to 280 in nothing flat---so I started smoking again and went down to 250 and stayed there for about 5 years.  But now I’m slowly gaining again, and afraid to quit smoking (yeah, I know, copout) because I don’t want to go to 300.  It’s time I bite the bullet I do something proactive.....

Good luck to you, Jim!

#2  Posted by Drumwaster United States on 07/07 at 09:29 PM -

6’4” & 258# over here (or 1.93 m/117 kg if you’re into that metric crap) and my fibromyalgia makes it almost impossible to find an exercise regimen that will leave me in sufficient physical condition to allow me to do my job.

Or even to sit upright.

#3  Posted by Capmeister United States on 07/07 at 09:30 PM -

If you can afford it, ask your doctor about Meridia. It’s an appitite suppressant.

But, Jim… You need not cut things out of your diet if you really enjoy them.  COUNT CALORIES! You can then see what you can, and cannot include.

I’ve lost 67 lbs. in a week under 5 months. By next week--5 months--it will be 70 lbs. Trust me? :-)

JimK#4  Posted by JimK United States on 07/07 at 10:09 PM -

Cap - Oh I am counting...sometimes.  I’m easing into this.  First off, I’m replacing the worst foods with better foods.  I’m discovering healthier alternatives to the foods that are killing me.

I’ve just started counting calories.  Soon I’ll start tracking them at that site that I think you told me about?

BTW, my kebabs?  FUCKING AMAZING.  I actually wanted more veggies and less meat.  Can’t wait to find new ways to season those.

#5  Posted by Noblebrown United States on 07/07 at 11:06 PM -

Well, my boss told me that he lost about 15 pounds in less than a month by simply carrying lots of healthy snack foods and munching throughout the day. You do get hungrier more often when you cut out the junk, but that can become a good thing. Keep your metabolism high by eating small amounts throughout the day and you’ll lose weight faster.

jo-jo#6  Posted by jo-jo United States on 07/07 at 11:15 PM -

it really *is* about calories. 


if you really want to do it right, you need to see a nutritionist. 

i don’t know if you were following my diet stuff, but i’m under the care of a gastroenterologist/nutritionist, on a 900 calorie/day diet (and you cannot do that on your even if you want to.  they need to monitor your heart and take regular blood tests because it’s a starvation diet).

you’re not just trying to lose weight, there’s much more to it than that.

i’ve lost close to 30 in about 7 wks.  when i was on weight watchers, counting points and journaling religiously, i lost almost nothing.  it does also help that i have a personal trainer 1x/week, and do a minimum of 1 hr cardio 2-3x/week.

jo-jo#7  Posted by jo-jo United States on 07/07 at 11:37 PM -

You do get hungrier more often when you cut out the junk, but that can become a good thing.

well, if you’re doing it right, you shouldn’t be hungry at all. 

but yeah, definitely need to eat throughout the day.  breakfast is also a key meal.

#8  Posted by Capmeister United States on 07/08 at 12:23 AM -

Jim, I sent you an email, and I’m glad you’re starting to count, and yeah, the site I told you about is and it’s very useful.

The important thing to remember is the only “secret” to losing weight is limiting the amount of food you eat. That’s all you have to do.  The counting helps, because you know exactly what you can and can’t have for the week.  And allow yourself to eat more some days, and less others, so that you can still have your favorite foods.

Cool on the kabobs!  Any time you can find something tasty AND healthy, it’s a plus. Meat, if lean, is good for you.  As you know I eat a lot of chicken.

Just know that you’re changing the way you eat, not going on a diet. :)

#9  Posted by pomgrif Australia on 07/08 at 04:53 AM -

Hey Jimk i never used to eat breakfast then started gym and eat healthy blah blah breakfast most important meal BUT the cruncher is that i am hungrier now during the day than i ever was before(and just as overweight)lol

#10  Posted by Janna United States on 07/08 at 01:25 PM -

Good for you Jim. I need to start dieting as well. It’s difficult for me with the boys. I am working on it. I’m suprised by the types of veggies they will eat.

I have a huge sweet tooth and everyday about 3 pm I go on a chocolate search. It is hard for me to ignore that craving.

I’ve taken more to grazing to try to up my metabolism. I really don’t eat super horrible but I know I could eat better too.

my biggest thing is excercising. I want to start running but with no one to watch the boys it makes it dificult, that and with it being 120 degrees outside, I’m scared of heat stroke :-)

Ryley R. Hayes#11  Posted by Ryley R. Hayes United States on 07/08 at 05:14 PM -

“ At 6’2” and 270 I could stand to lose an easy 50 lbs.  For my frame I think 230 would be about right.  Doesn’t help I have a sit down job (pilot) and can sit for hours gaming or surfing.”

WTF… I read this and thought I must have posted earlier and forgotten. Weeeeeeird.

At anyrate - I’ve found breakfast can really help in this.

I’ve found eating cereal with a lot of fiber really helps to stop those hunger pangs later in the day. Plus it’ll help the cholesterol, which I’d bet you are high on as well. Of course, you wind up shitting like a demon too.

Which reminds me of the prank I pulled my last year in college. Lets just say a large, steady diet of All-Bran washed down with Metamucil can be an odiferously powerful weapon in a prank war with a rival dorm.

Joe R.#12  Posted by Joe R. China on 07/08 at 09:57 PM -

Try drinking your coffee black, Mrs. Kenefick.

Or, at least, try Splenda.  It’s made for cooking and doesn’t break down at high temperatures.  In my opinion it tastes the best out of the artificial bunch by far.  I can’t tell a difference, although I’m not a sweets specialist.  I used to make killer ice cream with it.

It also doesn’t give you the shits like lacitol does.

JimK#13  Posted by JimK United States on 07/09 at 05:28 PM -

I could be wrong, but I think Joe R. just called me a sissified little bitchman for not drinking my coffee black.  ;)

I likes mah coffee like ah likes mah wimmens - sweet and uhh...creamy.

jo-jo#14  Posted by jo-jo United States on 07/09 at 06:34 PM -

even on my starvation diet, i am permitted half and half (though i use fat free half and half, which is fantastic). 

splenda, much like all other fake sweeteners, makes coffee taste asstastic.

jim, remember the frightening chocolate bananapenii we were subjected to by our mother-in-law?  yeah, that was splenda.  need i say more???

i’ve been having my coffee sans sweetener.  it takes some getting used to, but i’m getting used to :/ soy milk had been suggested to me, since it has a bit of sweetness.  when i go to starbucks, i do get soy instead of nonfat.  it’ll do :(

Joe R.#15  Posted by Joe R. China on 07/10 at 02:05 AM -

You correctly ascertained the meaning of my comment.

I like my coffee like I like my women, too.  Oily and bitter.

Ryley R. Hayes#16  Posted by Ryley R. Hayes United States on 07/10 at 03:38 AM -

I likes mah coffee like ah likes mah wimmens

Ground up and in the freezer!


#17  Posted by Drumwaster United States on 07/10 at 09:42 AM -

Why would you want to put coffee in the freezer? The cold ruins the delicate oils in the beans, and there goes the flavor…

More hints on coffee storage for you coffee drinkers can be found here.

You’re welcome. And I don’t even drink the stuff!

(Yes, I know it was a joke. But still...)

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