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Thu, 05 Jul 2007 21:09:00

‘Deal or No Deal” needs woman to stand, look stupid, hold suitcase


With the third season of Deal or No Deal premiering in September, the show has gone out in search of the next model who can fill the single open position.  The producers’ final stop was at San Diego, California.

The casting call welcomed all women age 18 and above.  The San Diego auditions attracted more than 100 Deal or No Deal model hopefuls, all of whom had their headshots ready in their hands.  They formed a long line going into Stingaree, a restaurant/ nightclub where the auditions were held.

What a great job!  I wonder who you have to blow to get a gig like that?


Oh that’s just wrong.  Run, ladies!  It’s not worth it!

Posted by JimK at 09:09 PM on July 05, 2007
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#1  Posted by Drumwaster United States on 07/05 at 11:29 PM -

He may be fooling me entirely and be like Bob “Danny Tanner” Saget, whose on-stage persona is much MUCH different (and much funnier) than his on-screen one, but from what I’ve seen, Howie’s about as funny as a stubbed toe.

Joe R.#2  Posted by Joe R. China on 07/06 at 12:37 AM -

Naw, it’s probably a safe gig.  He’s totally OCD and probably doesn’t want anything to do with any bodily fluids.

#3  Posted by Noblebrown United States on 07/06 at 01:09 AM -

No way. He wouldn’t take a blowjob. That guy is a real germaphobe, and do you know how dirty the human mouth is?

#4  Posted by Buzzion United States on 07/06 at 09:48 AM -

Yeah he’s more OCD than Mark Summers.  When he goes to hotel rooms, he lays down towels to walk on rather than touch the floor of the room.  Its also why he does the fist bump than a handshake.

#5  Posted by DoNotTrustAnyoneOver45 United States on 07/11 at 05:38 PM -

It’s amazing to me that this show is still on.

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