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Mon, 16 Apr 2007 18:27:00

Cuban Refugees, or How Moore Tried Yet Again To Fool You

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It never ends.  I actually thought, given how screwed up our health care industry is, that Moore would have plenty of material and be able to make a compelling documentary filled with the truth.  It wouldn’t be necessary to resort to cheap stunts, abusing people, misdirection and flat-out bullshit in order to tell the story of American health care.

Many feel that with all the flaws, the system of health care in America is better than anywhere else.  Proof of that would seem to be that historically, the wealthier a nation grows and the better overall health care it provides, the fatter the citizens get.  Well, me and Mikey are proof walking of that theory.  Well, proof waddling, anyway. companies make medical decisions and lawyers have made it insanely expensive to practice medicine.  Those two things alone could have made for truthful, compelling footage.  Instead...Mikey pulls another stunt.  This time, he took a bunch of people who worked at Ground Zero after 9/11 to Cuba for medical care.  I suppose his intention was to prove how wonderful socialized medicine is as opposed to the way we do things.  Only Moore would think that a third-world communist dictatorship has better health care than America.  If he loves this country so much, why is he constantly, without exception, putting it down?  Does he ever have anything good to say about America that isn’t a ploy to set up his next insult or criticism?

But I digress.

Here’s the problem(s) with this typical Moore trick: One, we have no way of knowing who has access to the hospital he chose.  Can the average poor person in Cuba walk in like he did?  Two, he’s co-opting 9/11 again to make another dump truck full of cash, just like he did the last time.  Three, one can walk in to any hospital in America and be treated.  They cannot refuse to treat you.  Four, it’s quite possible that Moore lied just to get these people involved:

Responders were told Cuban doctors had developed new techniques for treating lung cancer and other respiratory illness, and that health care in the communist country was free, according to those offered the two-week February trip.

Yeah, you hear about new medical breakthrough coming out of Cuban hispitals like, every week, don’t you?  Where’s the stories about these breakthrough techniques?  Does Moore expect us to believe that not one single New York reporter would have gotten wind of it, and being a New York reporter - which, in case you’ve somehow forgotten, is where the frigging towers fell - wouldn’t have shouted it from the rooftops?

I’d like to see some data about these new techniques.

Regardless, some ill 9/11 workers balked at Moore’s idea.

“I would rather die in America than go to Cuba,” said Joe Picurro, a Toms River, N.J., ironworker approached by the filmmaker via an e-mail that read, “Joe and Mike in Cuba.”

After helping remove debris from Ground Zero, Picurro has a laundry list of respiratory and other ailments so bad that he relies on fund-raisers to help pay his expenses.

He said, “I just laughed. I couldn’t do it.”

First of all, to make a donation to Joe Picurro to help him with his medical expenses, donations can be made through the FealGood Foundation.


100% of the operating income for the FealGood Foundation is provided by undesignated contributions.  You can help improve the lives of 9/11 first responders and their families by supporting the FealGood Foundation and making your tax deductible gift today.  Donations are accepted via Paypal (please direct payments to or by sending a Personal Check to the mailing address listed below.  Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover) can be accepted via phone only at (631) 724-3320.

FealGood Foundation
144 Shenandoah Blvd
Nesconset, New York 11767

If you wish to contact us with questions please send an email to

The website also sells t-shirts and posters.

That would be helpful to Joe Picurro.  Not promising him a miracle in Castro’s tinpot little dictatorship.

Of course Moore being the sleazy, opportunistic, nihilistic selfish prick that he has always been, you just know someone got screwed over.

Michael McCormack, 48, a disabled medic who found an American flag at Ground Zero that once flew atop the Twin Towers, was all set to go to.

The film crew contacted him by phone and took him by limo from his Ridge, L.I., home to Manhattan for an on-camera interview.

“What he [Moore] wanted to do is shove it up George W’s rear end that 9/11 heroes had to go to a communist country to get adequate health care,” said McCormack, who suffers from chronic respiratory illness.

But McCormack said he was abandoned by Moore. At a March fund-raiser for another 9/11 responder in New Jersey, McCormack learned Moore had gone to Cuba without him.

“It’s the ultimate betrayal,” he said. “You’re promised that you’re going to be taken care of and then you find out you’re not. He’s trying to profiteer off of our suffering.”

Moore’s publicist did not return calls from The Post. But McCormack played a tape for The Post of a telephone conversation between himself and a Moore producer. The woman is heard apologizing for not taking McCormack, while saying the production company was not offering anyone guarantees of a cure.

“Even for the people that we did bring down to Cuba, we said we can promise that you will be evaluated, that you will get looked at,” said the woman. “We can’t promise that you will get fixed.”

Can you imagine?  Imagine the feeling of thinking that a famous rabble-rouser was going to grease some wheels and get you to a new breakthrough treatment in a foreign land, only to find out that bastard left you out of it.

Anyone want to guess why McCormack was left out?  I will make a wager that he didn’t say the right things in the interview, and Moore simply cut McCormack out of the loop out and never gave him a second thought.  This was a very stupid move on Moore’s part, by the way.  McCormack is a very outspoken opponent of the way first responders have been treated by everyone from the City of New York all the way up to the Feds.  He was a medic at Ground Zero.  He’s a whistleblower of sorts who allegedly “leaked” EPA records about the toxicity of the dust surrounding Ground Zero.  He’s connected to the 9/11 “truther” movement.  In fact, he’s often a featured speaker at Truther gatherings.

In other words, he’d have been perfect for Mike’s movie.  Unless...Moore’s scared of being too connected to the Truthers?

Participants in the Cuba trip were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement prohibiting them from talking about the project, the sources said.

Yeah, there’s a surprise.  I wish one of them would have the balls to break it...what could Moore and Weinstein do?  Attack a sick Ground Zero hero because they told the truth?  Yeah...I’d LOVE to see that play out in the press.

If you were on this Cuban trip...speak out.  Moore can’t touch you without ruining his chances of making another Brinks truck full of money.  Money is more important to him than anything else, and that means you would be safe to speak out.

Travel to Cuba is severely restricted from the United States, but Moore’s crew was granted access, the producer told McCormack, through a “general license that allows for journalistic endeavors there.”

Hmm.  Does that sound like lying to the government to get a visa to anyone else?  I think taking Americans for medical treatment falls well outside the purview of “journalistic endeavors.” I’d like to see some legal-minded folks take a glance at the necessary laws pertaining to travel to Cuba and see if maybe he didn’t break one or three.

Like all documentary filmmakers these days, Moore isn’t concerned so much with the truth as he is selling his work.  This is nothing new for Moore, and it’s not even a surprise.  However, like an idiot, and not for the first time, I had hoped for something better.  I know, I need to learn to stop putting faith in documentary filmmakers.  No matter how nice they seem, it’s never about the truth or the some point it becomes about the money.  At least we know with Moore, it’s like that right from the beginning.

Cuba.  He is really going to try to sell Cuba as a better alternative than the United States for health care.  And the morons that wear Che Guevara t-shirts will eat this up with a spoon.

Sometimes I wish I was utterly ignorant of the world and only cared about what Britney Spears was doing.

Posted by JimK at 06:27 PM on April 16, 2007
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#1  Posted by ErikTheRed United States on 04/16 at 08:09 PM -

I’m kind of shocked that no one has picked up on the “this is displacing poor Cubans in their health care system” angle. Unless Cuba just has free health care out the ass (in the metaphorical, non-sphinctoidal sense) then Moore is ensuring that some poor third-world citizen isn’t getting desperately needed care so he can pull his little stunt.

#2  Posted by Drumwaster United States on 04/16 at 11:15 PM -

Responders were told Cuban doctors had developed new techniques for treating lung cancer

Amazingly enough, the suggested technique (consisting of “smoking some more of that fine Cuban socialist tobacco, Comrade") hasn’t provided the palliative that had been hoped.

#3  Posted by Toastrider United States on 04/17 at 12:43 AM -

As always, my stance is:

How many Cubans have fled to the U.S., versus how many Americans have fled to Cuba?

God, the way some of the left fawns over Cuba and Castro, you’d think they’d discovered the cure for cancer and cold fusion.


#4  Posted by Drumwaster United States on 04/17 at 11:51 AM -

How many Cubans have fled to the U.S., versus how many Americans have fled to Cuba?

I always phrase it the same way Bill Whittle did: which way are the boats going?

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