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Sat, 18 Dec 2004 13:56:51


Michael Jackson hosts 200 children at Neverland party

Christmas came early for some 200 children who got to play at Michael Jackson’s amusement park and meet Santa Claus.

“I hope you have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas. I love you,” the pop singer called out to the children Friday from the driveway of his estate.

Jackson, who faces trial next year on child molestation charges, appeared happy during the few minutes he spoke to the arriving throng.

One of the youngsters shouted, “We love you!”

“I love you more,” Jackson replied before putting an umbrella over his head and walking back toward his house.

It’s like the guy has some compulsion.  Can there really be parents who see the Jackson situation and say “What’s so bad about a secret room that is a shrine to Mcauly Culkin as a child?  What?  Fingerprints of him and a young boy on the same porno mag?  Drugging wine and giving it to kids?  All perfectly normal.  here, Michael, play with my child.”


Creepy.  He;s creepy, those parents are creepy, the whole thing makes me sick.

Posted by JimK at 01:56 PM on December 18, 2004
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#1  Posted by SteveofNorway United States on 12/18 at 04:08 PM -

No, no’re ignorant. Ignorant…

Cartman: Mr. Jefferson is the best thing that happened to this town in a long time, and if you mess this up, so help me GOD I will rip your balls off with my bare hands! WITH MY BARE HANDS GOD DAMN YOU!!

JimK#2  Posted by JimK United States on 12/18 at 04:37 PM -

That show is hands down the funniest thing on television these days.  :)

Harley W Daugherty#3  Posted by Harley W Daugherty United States on 12/18 at 10:20 PM -

with out a doubt.
maybe all those parents are hopping tha MJ will do something to their kid and give them the chance to sue.

thats not to far out for Claif........or is it?

#4  Posted by Drumwaster United States on 12/19 at 04:29 AM -

My wife and I were watching the LA News story about this party, with the video footage showing lots of playing children and shots of the rides being ridden, and the Beaked One standing under an opaque umbrella with kids crowding as close as the security guards would let them.

And my wife asked, “Would I be considered a racist for noticing that Every. Single. One. of those kids is black?” (I noticed the same thing. Never saw a Caucasian child in the bunch.)

My answer: “Depends on whether you were talking to a liberal or a conservative, dear...”

What do you guys think? Are we racist? Or is Michael?

JimK#5  Posted by JimK United States on 12/19 at 05:26 AM -

Drum: Good question.  First off, I’d say no, you are not.  Observing a fact should never be seen as racist.

Secondly...I know he used to have a lot of white kids around, but I noticed that has started to slow down a lot after that special where he told...who was it, Diane Sawyer?...that he liked to sleep in the same bed with kids and had that boy on with him.  Maybe he’s trying to shore up support in the black community by paying more exclusive attention to black kids.  Whatever color their skin is, if I were their paents I’d be ultra-creeped out.

Rann Aridorn#6  Posted by Rann Aridorn United States on 12/19 at 05:13 PM -

Well, I saw a little TV snippet about this, and apparently Jackson wasn’t actually around that much while the kids were there. And that article’s wrong, it wasn’t one of the kids that shouted “I love you!” and got that response, it was one of the adults.
I dunno, if you actually see him, it’s hard not to feel sorry for him, guilty or not, because he’s just so fucked-up in every possible way. What’s been done to his face and body just isn’t RIGHT, it’s mostly just sad.

#7  Posted by Sipidation United States on 12/20 at 04:07 AM -

Two things that are wrong with this are:

1. Christmas came early for some 200 children (Did he change his name?)
2. “I love you more,” Jackson replied (We know you do Michael)

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