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Sun, 25 Mar 2007 22:33:00

Battlestar Galactica - Crossroads Pt. 2

I feel like there should be another three or four episodes after this, but this is the season finale...this third season simply wasn’t good enough.  There’s no other way to say it.  BSG was the greatest show on TV in 2005, now it feel a lot like a middle-of-the-pack show with occasional bursts of greatness.

  • The recap covers the song people are hearing, Gaius as Jesus, Gaius’ trial and Lee resigning.  For like, five minutes anyway.

  • The old man is shaving and cuts himself.  I suppose that’s a metaphor, eh?  Then Laura calls him and they have what feels like a husband and wife conversation.  They so want to do it.  This isn’t Moonlighting, it’s OK if they screw.

  • Cut to: Chief Tyrol hearing the sitar music while half asleep.  Cut to: Anders sleeping with Laura’s assistant lady.  Who is hearing the music.

    OK, that’s Anders, Tyrol, Tigh and Whats’ername.  If one more and only one more hears it, I think we have something…

  • Cut to Jesus, Lee and Badger talking about trying to force a mistrial.  Lee told the lawyer what The Old Man said about Gaius being a piece of garbage.  So now Lee is divulging personal, military-record conversations between he and his commander to the defense?  Anyone else think he’s crossed a line?

  • Cut to: hangar deck, that Racetrack?  She’s giving Starbuck’s orientation speech to the nuggets.  Anders is hearing things.  Buzzing noises, he seems to be hearing Tyrol singing from across the bay.  He asks about the song. 

    So, like...electronic interference, super hearing, music that isn’t there?  Gee.  So far four people are hearing it.  Show me the fifth.

  • Question from the commercial break: Who is responsible for the strange music?  A. The Cylons, B. Human Saboteurs or C. A third party yet to be revealed.  Well...the answer is A and partially C.  The music is how the Cylons are tracking the fleet, but the third party yet to be revealed may be Cylon in nature without being part of “The Cylons” as we know them so far.

  • Back to the show and Laura is with The Cigarette Smoking Doc (Oh come on, surely you remember The X-Files).  She has a dream about chasing Hera and it turns out that Athena is in the medbay having it at the same time.  Everyone trots down to see Six to try to find out what the frack is going on.

    Laura: “Were you with us, just a moment ago, in the lobby of the opera house?
    Six: “...”
    Laura: “I’ll take that as a yes from the look on your face.”

    We better get an answer here.  I’m sick of adding mysteries without answering questions.  Six thinks she has to protect Hera.

  • Cut to: Adama’s quarters.  SaltySeaDog is trying to convince Adama that the music is real and it’s important.  Of course it is.  It’s very, very important but due to Saul’s recent behavior it seems like Adama is not really believing it, even though he says he does.

  • Cut to the trial, and Gaeta is testifying to the fact that he was there when Gaius signed the death order.  He said he personally witnessed Baltar signing the document.  Now...why would he lie?  Because he’s trying to get Baltar convicted.  The only other human witness was Gaius himself, and no one will believe anything he says.  The other witness they can have access to was Six...and that;s the wrench in the works for Gaeta.  She’s either going to back his play or tell the truth, depending on her agenda and how slighted she feels by Gaius (or, how connected and worth something Laura makes her feel).  I predict Gaeta not getting away with this.  This lie could be the thing that forces them to acquit Jesus.

    The prosecutor asks if he resisted, and Gaeta says no.  Oh felix, what are////heh, Gaius just said those EXACT words.  This isn’t the way to get it done, Felix.

    “The whole fleet know this man tried to stab me through the neck - and you missed - but-ter-fingers!”

    No defense questions for Gaeta.  Okily-dokily.  We all know Gaius is going to get off, so I guess I shouldn’t question Badger the SuperLawyer’s methods…

  • Back from commercial, and the defense offers a mistrial motion.  Gaius erupts and says he doesn’t want a mistrial.  The grounds of course are Adama’s statements to Lee.  Badger wants Lee to testify against The Old Man.  If he does...that was a military discussion between two officers and in private quarters no less.  Having an opinion doesn’t mean you can’t set it aside and do your job. 

    OK...looks like Lee isn’t going to willingly cross that line.  Prosecution objects to Lee testifying.  Adama wants to hear his testimony.  Come on...that’s clearly Bill saying ‘Make your choice, Lee.  Right here, right now, for the last time, decide.”

    Lee asks the entire room to ask what they would have done.  He makes a compelling argument that some people had no choice, and that Roslin offered a blanket pardon to everyone.  He lists things that everyone has done over the last two years.  He spills it the most about himself, how he tried to get Bill to stay away.  He’s making some compelling arguments.  “We’re not a civilization anymore, we are a gang and we’re on the run.  And we have to fight to survive.  We have to break rules, we have to bend laws, we have to improvise.  But not this time no, not this time not for gaius baltar.”


    I might be coming around to his point of view except for one thing; It;s not the fact that Gaius surrendered.  Hell, the 12 Colonies surrendered during the first 30 minutes of the war when they realized that Caprica and all the other worlds were going to be destroyed.  Sometimes surrender is the only option.

    And sometimes it’s the cowardly thing to do.  Gaius could have stood up to the Cylons a hundred different ways.  Instead he lived the life of a kept king, with sex and booze and food and never the cold realities the rest of the humans were forced to live with.  He chose his own pleasures over doing right by his people.  The day they put a gun to his head and made him sign a death warrant for 200 humans, he made a choice; his life over that of those who he was supposed to protect.  For that, he deserves some kind of punishment.  But...I don’t know what that punishment should be under these circumstances.  Death might be too much...and Lee’s speech is having an effect on me.

    He makes one last valid point...this is all about the guilt and shame of those who ran away from New Caprica.  Hmm…

    Point one: It’s prudent to retreat and regroup when you are hopelessly outnumbered and your death would not accomplish anything.  This isn’t a “300” situation - victory there was simply holding the pass long enough for others to gather to protect Athens and Sparta.  If Galactica and Pegasus had tried to stay and fight the day the Cylons took over New Caprica, they;d be dead right now and New Caprica would, by now, likely be nuked.


    Point two: Gaius standing up to the Cylons and refusing to sign the order and then dying, would not have been futile.  It would have been a rallying moment for humanity...I can just hear Tigh speaking to a crowd on New Caprica.  “If Gaius fracking Baltar can stand up to these toasters,” Saul would say, “why aren’t you doing it?  That selfish sonofabitch never did anything good for anyone in his life, and he sacrificed himself so that you wouldn’t be executed, and look at you, just sitting there doing nothing!”

    His death would have had purpose...but Gaius never does anything selfless.  Ever.  As eloquent as Lee is being, there are still two sides to this argument.

    The defense rests.  Umm...hello?  There was a motion for a mistrial that no one ruled on.  Off they go to decide.

  • Back from break and it’s verdict time.  No word on the mistrial motion, I guess we’re just supposed to forget that.  Fucking lazy writers.  The head judge chick says the vote is three to two, not guilty.  Jesus rises!  The crowd wants his’s turning to a near riot.  Of course they get him out.

  • Back in his cell, Baltar gloats and Lee gets all up in his grill.  Gaius wants to partner up with Badger the Superlawyer for “a book tour” and so forth, and of course, Badger wants to move on, his deal is being a defense lawyer, not bonding with defendants.  So now his motivation becomes clear: he wanted to set some precedent for a legal system.  There really hasn’t been one before now, and what;s a defense lawyer to do unless there’s a court in which he can ply his trade?  Baltar is all “What about me?  What about me?” As usual.

  • Cut to CIC, and Roslin is all sorta upset about the verdict.  Adama admits he voted to acquit.  Duh.  Of course he did.  He set aside his personal feelings and did the job.  Laura is also right; Gaius is a traitor regardless of the trial’s results.

    Adama tells Gaeta to start the jump, they’re going to the nebula.  Cut to Baltar walking around the halls carrying his entire box of worldly possessions looking for all the world like jesus carrying a cross, albeit a small, square one.  Cut to CIC: Jump!  Hello, Starbuck. (you know she’s going to show up right?)

    Everything goes haywire.  Power goes out around the fleet.  Tigh hears the music louder than ever...and commercial.

  • Chaos everywhere.  Batteries only.  Cut to Jesus in the hall, and two shadowy figures come to him and lo and behold they are his disciples and they come unto him to whick him off to safety.

  • Six is seeing some kind of room with five super-bright stripe things, and Gaius and Hera are with her.  They turn, and it;s the opera house, and there are five cloaked, bright white figures standing in the balcony.


    OK, speculation time: Female, male, either/or, female, male.  The first one kind of looks like a lot of hair is pushing the hood out, and that could be a fold or some curls over the shoulder.  Second one looks like they might not be wearing a hood at all, and if that’s a guy, it could be a guy with long hair?  the relative sizes make that figure seem like it should be male.  Third figure could be a woman or a short guy, the fourth is clearly the smallest, and the fifth looks like it could be a stocky dude.

    Interesting.  As they get closer, the second is definitely not wearing a hood.  That could be short, puffy hair like Anders or Tyrol...that middle one looks for all the world like an outline of Laura’s assistant chick.  The fourth look like Starbuck.

    Woah, the frame went negative for a couple of sharpens up the outlines.


    Ok, bets on the table, in order, left to right

    Jim: Pres’ assistant, Anders, Saul, Starbuck, Chief Tyrol.  Donna: Pres’ Assistant, ChiefTyrol, Tigh, Starbuck, Anders.  Everyone’s a Cylon!

    Six was dreaming this.

  • Cut to: Tyrol having more auditory hallucinations.  He says the same thing Tigh said in Adama’s office: “There must be some kind of way out of here.” PAUSE!  I just realized they’re hearing Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower.” Wow, I feel stupid and slow.

    “There must be some kind of way out of here”
    Said the joker to the thief
    “There’s too much confusion
    I can’t get no relief
    Businessmen they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None of them along the line
    Know what any of it is worth”

    “No reason to get excited”
    The thief, he kindly spoke
    “There are many here among us
    Who feel that life is but a joke
    But you and I, we’ve been through that
    And this is not our fate
    So let us not talk falsely now
    The hour is getting late”

    All along the watchtower
    Princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went
    Barefoot servants, too
    But outside in the cold distance
    A wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching
    And the wind began to howl


    Is this NOT a Cylon transmission and in fact is a radio transmission from fracking EARTH?  Could it be that they are actually hearing the Bob Dylan song we all know here on our Earth?

    Now I want some fracking answers.  What is it?  Is it just a random radio transmission that has drifted outward for decades?  It it a beacon?  Are they hearing it because they;re Cylons?

    Point two: what do these lyrics mean to what is happening?  Feel free to speculate in the comments.

  • OK, now everyone’s running around quoting lines and heading somewhere.  Tyrol, PresAssLady and Anders are gathered around what looks airlock or something?  Tyrol thinks he’s a Cylon.  Saul walks in.  Anders is getting it.  Now everyone’s humming it together and SaltyCylonDog takes charge!  “Deadbolt that fracking door.”

    Saul: “40 years in the service two wars, combat, locked in that dungeon at New Caprica, Gods, what about Ellen?” Anders is refusing to believe it, but Tyrol says it.  “We’re Cylons and we have been from the start.”

    We’re just missing the one now.  Cut to:

  • CIC, and a Cylon fleet appears on draedis.  Guess what?  They’re escorting Starbuck.  Cut to: the four Cylons in the cargo bay.  He says they need to report to their stations and do their jobs.  He’s Saul Tigh, an officer in the Colonial fleet and that’s who he wants to be.  That convinces them.  They do it…

  • Cut to the pilots running through the halls to their ships, past Lee.  Lee turns and gets in a Viper.  Oh look at that, he gets a contact inside the nebula.  Guess who?  Three guesses, and the first two guesses don’t count.  And there she is.

    “Hi Lee.”
    “Don’t freak out it really is me.  It’s gonna be OK.  I’ve been to Earth, I know where it is and I’m gonna take us there.” And then we get the “Contact” shot where we track a radio transmission back to Earth, and it looks like I was right.  This is coming from Earth and they are not far away.  Was the song the trigger?  Or was it the proximity to the nebula?  Remember, stellar phenomenon is the road map - someone somewhere knew the way to Earth, and wrote it up in both the Colonial religions and the Cylon’s One True God religion.  All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

Rumor has it that Season 4 will be the last, plus the movie to bridge the gap between what we just saw and whatever season 4 brings.  I hope so, because I do not have faith that this is going to go well.  Of course, if they wanted to, they could have the Cylons attack Earth and turn this into a true test of survival for the entire human race...but somehow I doubt that is going to happen.

Note that all the new Cylons are in positions of power but are not THE powerful person in their respective worlds.  Except Anders...he’s no one right now.  Unless that means he’s like, the HCIC? (Head Cylon In Charge).  I dunno...all I know is that was a second-to-last episode, not a season finale.  I really hope the producers buckle down and spend more time on the details, on continuity, etc. during the next production run.

Over at The Llama Butchers, Gary said:

Just when Fonzie was barreling down toward the ramp that would “jump the shark”, Moore and co. manage to keep us riveted. A whole new season queued up for 2008. You bet I’ll stay tuned. too.  Doesn’t mean I’m entirely happy about it though.  ;)

Posted by JimK at 10:33 PM on March 25, 2007
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miguelito#1  Posted by miguelito United States on 03/26 at 03:39 AM -

Yeah, I’ll definitely tune in to see what happens, but I saw Kara coming from a frakking mile away.  Not a shock at all.

The 4 other 5 are somewhat interesting though.. assuming Starbuck is the 5th.. can’t see it being anything else unless it’s going to turn out it’s way in our future and she’s with some earth-based fleet that’ll save the day, and that would majorly suck.

I’m guessing the 5 will somehow pull the humans and cylons together.. for the most part, with some holdouts and friction, perhaps a split with the new group Baltar will be with being a faction to deal with or something.

Joe R.#2  Posted by Joe R. China on 03/26 at 05:05 AM -

If they’re cylons, the writers have broken their own rules.  Most obviously the one that let Chief Tyrol procreate.  If there’s another hybrid baby, then Hera shouldn’t be so singularly important.

And like Tigh said, he’s been in the military for 40 years.  I know they can program fake memories into cylons, but they can’t program fake ones into every person he’s ever met.  Have there been humanesque cylons for that long?  That’s a discontinuity.  Or did they replace the real Tigh at some point, which would also be a discontinuity?

Or maybe the final 5 aren’t cylons after all, but are something else.

Harley W Daugherty#3  Posted by Harley W Daugherty United States on 03/26 at 07:03 AM -

GOD Damm, sounds like they have jumped the shark, due to piss poor planning…

I vote for something else, you know the ship of lights from the original NSG....

#4  Posted by dakrat United States on 03/26 at 09:45 AM -

The 5th cylon could be Roslin.  That would link the three having visions about Hera.  Then again, it could just be because Roslin got blood from Hera.  Maybe the final five are a completely different faction that wants to be human like Data. 

Either way, I’m hoping that next season is the last, and I don’t want them to reach Earth.  I’d rather it ended on a sort of cliffhanger.  When writers try to resolve epic sagas like this the end result is almost always unsatisfactory.

#5  Posted by hamster United States on 03/26 at 12:41 PM -

sucks to have to wait till ‘08 - but this was still a good episode.
and I know it’s a Dylan song, but I think it was the Hendrix vesion…

Also - from my understanding the movie coming out in the fall is focusing on the Pegasus between the original attack on the colonies and meeiting up at the end of 2.0. Prob makes sense to give the regular cast some time to work on other projects, but damn - waiting 9-10 months is gonna suck!

#6  Posted by Buzzion United States on 03/26 at 01:09 PM -

The 5th cylon could be Roslin.  That would link the three having visions about Hera.  Then again, it could just be because Roslin got blood from Hera.  Maybe the final five are a completely different faction that wants to be human like Data.

I don’t think the 5th one is Roslin.  She was a separate entity in the operahouse, not one of the 5.

I think we know who suicideana was apologizing too though now.  It was Tigh.  Apologizing for taking his eye.

JimK#7  Posted by JimK United States on 03/26 at 02:28 PM -

I think we know who suicideana was apologizing too though now.  It was Tigh.  Apologizing for taking his eye.

Good catch.  That’s gotta be it.

#8  Posted by hamster United States on 03/26 at 04:13 PM -

I’m just gonna say I don’t think the 4 are really cylons. Something else maybe, but not cylons. Implants put in them on New Caprica? who knows - but I just don’t think they are.

miguelito#9  Posted by miguelito United States on 03/26 at 04:25 PM -

If they’re cylons, the writers have broken their own rules.  Most obviously the one that let Chief Tyrol procreate.  If there’s another hybrid baby, then Hera shouldn’t be so singularly important.

Actually not technically.. first off, the original 5 are supposed to be somehow different or special or something.  At least the other 7 think so and don’t (didn’t) even know who they were.  Also, the procreation thing isn’t broken.. they’d said they couldn’t do it on their own (2 cylons) and they thought the missing element was love.  So even if the original 5 aren’t “special” in some way, he was in love with Cally who is human. 

However, yes it does mean that Hera isn’t quite as important as they’ve believed up until this point.

And like Tigh said, he’s been in the military for 40 years.  I know they can program fake memories into cylons, but they can’t program fake ones into every person he’s ever met.  Have there been humanesque cylons for that long?  That’s a discontinuity.  Or did they replace the real Tigh at some point, which would also be a discontinuity?

Who says it has to be either?  For all we know the original 5 weren’t full grown adults when they left and did actually live full lives with humans.. and want to be human.  If they developed the first 5 really early on after starting the cylon rebellion, Tigh could’ve had only memories from before joining the fight implanted, but did actually live the rest of his life that he remembers.  I’m not even positive on the timeline right now either.. depending on how long the timeline is from when the cylons first rebelled to when the war started vs ended.. he could’ve been a child and lived his entire life with humans.  I think the only part of that which will be harder to work out is the varying range of the ages.. 4 of them are roughly in their 30s, while Tigh is much older.

I actually had thought back after Starbuck died that there might be some revelation that she was a first 5 in the sense that her mother was.  I was thinking that she wasn’t actually her mother’s daughter, but a clone that hadn’t been allowed to fully mature.  I wondered if perhaps they were going to do some story line (still could) that the original 5 were initially not downloaded mature, but were cloned as babies… or instead of that, the 5 wanted to be human and left, some of them (at least Starbuck’s mother) taking a child clone of herself with her to pass off as a child.  The 5 leaving and possibly taking clone “children” could help with the age issue I brought up above too… assuming the Tigh model didn’t and the other’s had, or he and Starbuck’s mom took the kids with them… all kinds of possibilities. 

The idea of her being a clone of her mother does go towards explaining why her mother kept on with the “you’re special” and “you have a destiny” stuff.

And before anyone mentions that she died of cancer.. that was the crossed blood of Hera that cured it, and even Doc Cottle said they left too many problems with their “plumbing” so cylons could be just as susceptible to cancer as humans… if not more so due to cloning errors or something.

Or maybe the final 5 aren’t cylons after all, but are something else.

Eh.. doubtful.  The only one I can think of is that perhaps Starbuck isn’t the 5th and they’re going to parallel the “ship of lights” stuff from TOS.. which I hope isn’t the case.  I never really cared for that storyline myself.  But who knows, even if they did maybe they could do it better and pull it off.

Harley W Daugherty#10  Posted by Harley W Daugherty United States on 03/26 at 08:04 PM -

I think we know who suicideana was apologizing too though now.  It was Tigh.  Apologizing for taking his eye.

Good catch.  That’s gotta be it.

I thought that was your reasoning behind declaring that tigh was a cylon???… hmm

Mazz#11  Posted by Mazz United States on 03/26 at 11:11 PM -

Ok… so… Two Thousand Frakking EIGHT?

Frakkin Writers:  In the eppisode before this 2-parter, Baltar was a twitchy MESS.  Now he’s fine??

Blatar freed:  That is a death sentence.  Someone would have killed him.  BUT… he has those 3 “saviors"… or are they?

The Music, HENDRIX’s All Along the Watchtower, Remixed… trying to find a copy of it.  Itunes letting me down.

See?  My theory of Starbuck ejecting and getting picked up by the Cylons seems to hold water!!

Mazz#12  Posted by Mazz United States on 03/26 at 11:24 PM -

Ah, Wikki.  My savior!

All Along the Watchtower
An interstellar, Indian-themed version of the song haunts the characters Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel Anders, and Tory Foster throughout the season 3 finale of Battlestar Galactica. How and why this happened is unknown. The cover version heard in the last minute of the episode is performed by Bt4, brother of series composer Bear McCreary.

The Story:

Next month, I’m in the studio working on the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 soundtrack album (which will definitely have All Along the Watchtower on it!). Our release date will be mid-August, to coincide with the DVD release. We’ll also be doing another live performance of the Galactica score around that time as well, so if you’re in LA, come by and check us out. Details will be posted here on my website sometime over the summer.

Christian#13  Posted by Christian United States on 03/27 at 12:12 AM -

See?  My theory of Starbuck ejecting and getting picked up by the Cylons seems to hold water!!

Nope, she just died and was reborn on the resurrection ship.

Overall, this season was just okay, with the occasinal bright spot.  My hope is that next year we will get much more Battlestar, and a whole lot less Galactica.

I also have to choke it down and say that Baltar was innocent of the crimes they were trying him for. Was he innocent of Genocide in particular? Nope, but no one was putting him on trial for the billions he allowed to be slaughtered by the Cylons when he gave up the defense codes. This crime, in specific, was what he was tried for, which is something people often forget about when criticizing out justice system. He may be a mass murdering baby killer, but if ya can’t prove it, then their ain’t much ya can do.

Digger#14  Posted by Digger United States on 03/27 at 04:02 AM -

Whoa a Battlestar movie based on the Pegasus? That means Admiral Kane comes back? All I have to say to that is


#15  Posted by dakrat United States on 03/27 at 09:55 AM -

I also have to choke it down and say that Baltar was innocent of the crimes they were trying him for.

It’s just too bad nobody knows that Baltar gave the nuke to the cylons that destroyed Cloud 9.  Which is what brought the cylons to New Caprica to begin with.

It would be pretty easy to have him tossed out an airlock then.

bgeek#16  Posted by bgeek United States on 03/27 at 12:52 PM -

Here’s an interview with Moore discussing the identities of the revealed cylons and the movie release this fall.


artmonkey#17  Posted by artmonkey United States on 03/28 at 06:20 PM -

Well… all I have to say is…


In the extra scene, Apollo (whiny bitch that he’s become.) discusses Baltar’s guilt.
But the lawyer, whose true motivations are yet to be seen, I’m sure, reminds Apollo that it is not about guilt.  It’s about criminality.
And frankly, he’s spot-on.
Baltar is guilty as hell… but is anything he did explicitly illegal???

The music? Definitely the cylon tracking signal.

Why is it heard only by Tigh and Helo?

Well, because they’re both cylons, of course.

...called it.

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