Monday, April 06, 2009

Watch and learn

by JimK on 04/06 at 03:18 AM

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Posted by  on  04/28  at  11:08 AM

The video is exaggerated propaganda made when the Red Scare was still around. Nevertheless, it’s pretty spot-on for hardcore socialism. The line at the end is something that I think even crowbar could get behind:

“When anybody preaches disunity, tries to pit one of us against the other through class warfare, race hatred or religious intolerance, you know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom and destroy our very lives.”

Posted by Rann Aridorn  on  04/28  at  12:58 AM

... Wow.

Okay, that’s not issues, that’s not even a subscription, that’s a major city library archive.

Posted by Rann Aridorn  on  04/26  at  11:52 PM

Hey Chris, someone showed up to prove your point.

Posted by chrisbg99  on  04/07  at  05:15 AM

Wow. That wouldn’t even make into the head of anyone today.

Posted by Rann Aridorn  on  04/06  at  09:33 PM

I wish I had video editing skill… I’d shop the “O” logo onto those bottles and have the guy talk about solving everything with “hope” and “change”.

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